Bamboo & Timber Flooring

Floorworld has an extensive range of pre-finished timber floors from Premium, QuickStep, Embelton Flooring, Clever Choice, Floating Floors and Godfrey Hirst plus their own Floorworld range. Engineered timber flooring and solid timber flooring are set apart by the fact that solid timber flooring is made up entirely of one type of timber and engineered flooring has a top layer of timber with the rest of it being composed of a cheaper material such as plywood.
Because floating floors aren't nailed down like conventional floorboards, any movement in the boards is spread across the entire floor, which makes gaps less likely to appear, however they are less popular these days due to the click clack noise that develops when gaps do appear.
WOODCUT offer a fantastic range of timber flooring with high standards of grading and complex staining methods to achieve a wonderful range of colours and finishes hardwood flooring to suit all tastes. For laying a hardwood floor over concrete, it's best to use a floating floor system where the floor is not glued to the concrete.
For people who want to successfully improve the look of their living room or any other area in their house or office space, our cheap engineered timber flooring in Melbourne is not only a beautiful option but also a functional solution that will be within your budget.

Plywood for the subflooring averages $22 for each 4-foot by 8-foot sheet. Latest technology equipment Our team are highly experienced with thousands of floors done in Perth. But thanks to advances in technology, engineered wooden floorboards can strike a perfect middle ground between form and function.
The hardwood ply substrate is a mix of plantation hardwood species that are glued to the wear layer using a method known as ‘balanced construction'. Additionally, with an expert installation team at work, we guarantee you to complete the installing job accurately and on time.

The best part is; our floorboards in western suburbs in Melbourne come at highly affordable rates. Australian Oak engineered hardwood flooring is the combination of a beautiful hardwood floor, a hard wearing coating and a super stable substrate - manufactured to the quality you'd expect from Australia's largest hardwood mill.
Along with our cheap engineered timber flooring in Melbourne, you'll also find top quality carpets and many other solutions available in many different textures, colours and more. Quick Step have a range of water resistant laminate floors with up to 10 years water warranty.
Engineered timber flooring can be the perfect finishing touch to your newly renovated home, hotel or retail store. While engineered timber planks are more resistant to water than hardwood planks, laminate is still the most moisture friendly option. At VCS you don't talk to sales people, you talk to people who work in the industry and who are passionate about offering the right timber floor solution.

Visit us today and choose the perfect timber flooring for you. Country Timber Flooring is the exclusive timber floors wholesaler of Horimber Brand timber floors in Australia. Here at Melbourne Floors Mart we only use the best adhesives, glues and joinery available in the market to ensure that our timber flooring is in compliance with building regulation standards.
Specializing in exceptional quality, unique, distinctive, wide width, long length floors for both residential and commercial applications. Ash made sure I knew all the ins and outs of ripping up old floorboards and installing new ones so there were no surprises which I really appreciated.

Laminate is one of the most durable types of flooring, it is easy to maintain and it does not fade. Our products are sold in over 500 retail stores throughout Australia including all states, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. AAK Timber Floors is a place of decision for anybody who is searching for an huge variety of options to pick from.

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