London Sash Window Repairs

In today's modern age we mostly live in a "throw away" society where the cost of repairs tends to far exceed the cost of replacement. That said if you've got lead paint you need to don't remove it because it's an incredibly good protective layer on your sash windows, instead seal it in with another coat of paint and then you won't have any issues of the lead causing you any harm at all whatsoever.
Each Timber Sash window we make is discreetly branded by the team responsible for producing it. The brand is the last element of manufacture and is Sash Window Repairs only applied after every possible check has been made that your Timber Sash windows are fit to represent our well skilled craftsman that made them.
The company mentioned above are just one of hundreds that have highly skilled, talented 2nd generation sash window specialists that have devoted their whole life to making sure the London technology in sash windows improves and only gets better but at the same time without losing the original like-for-like fear with a single glaze traditional elegant sash window.

The Mortice & Green Sash window repair & replacement service comprises of a small team of highly motivated professionally trained restorative joiners - Providing top quality repairs and manufacturing the best reproduction Oak sash windows all at the best possible price.

When we started considering getting new windows fitted to our London townhouse we spent a long time researching what kind of sash windows we wanted and spoke with several decided to go with the Sash Window Company, not only because they understood our requirements perfectly but because their customer service was the first call we made to them to the initial site visit it was professional but friendly and we were kept well informed at all times and who would be visiting us.
You might consider that you want to have double glazing because you need to reduce the noise, and that's a separate issue but as far as actually just getting your window up to a structural sound condition and being able to pass a survey for example sash window repair is absolutely fine.

This is a quite credible because the years one of the biggest things about UPVC was the ability to keep a property warm but seeing as they can now do that with timber and still keep the windows looking at the development and traditional I fear that the UPVC market will diminish.
With quality workmanship and expert sash window repair knowledge we offer both excellent customer care and what we feel is the best sash window renovation and repair service in London It is our opinion that top quality workmanship combined with a superior level of customer care is all that is needed for any business to excel and to date we are very proud to say this ethos seems to be working very well indeed for both our clients and our sash window repair company.

The frayed cords can hinder the smooth movement of sashes which becomes the reason why the lower sash won't budge when you try to open it. It's not a threatening situation and replacing the old ropes with new will easily make the window function again.
Our conservation single and double glazed box cords and weights or spring balance, sash windows are designed for period properties and conservation areas and coordinate with traditionally detailed flush double glazed casement windows, bi-folding, French doorsets and entrance doors.

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