Yokohama Chinatown

Chinese Town in Yokohama is located in the place where about 40 min away by train from Tokyo city. And if you're feet have become wary after a day of walking around, go up to the 3rd floor of Yokohama Harukan, a popular souvenir shop, to find the Garden Terrace Cafe where you can soak your feet in a foot bath for just 100 yen (plus the cost of at least one drink).
What you find in a Japanese Chinatown won't be the exact same as visiting a city like Shanghai, but it comes a lot closer than chain restaurants like the 中華街 おいしい Japanese-Chinese Bamiyan.” There are dozens of restaurants filling every street, and most of them offer similar dishes for about the same price.

Quick little history about the area, In 1859, the Yokohama seaport was opened and many Chinese immigrants and traders arrived and formed settlements, built schools, community centers, facilities which became the start of what we today know as Chinatown.
Not just a place for buying great souvenirs and eat Chinese food, the area has grown so much in space and variety that you'll find traditional foods from all over Asia here, including Korean Barbecue, Vietnamese pho and banh mi, and Taiwanese dumplings.
Yokohama Chinatown is not the only place you can try Chinese food in Japan, but it is definitely the best place for you and your family to have to have an authentic Chinese culinary experience, from hitting every street food vendors to tasting the true all-round dining experience.

The city is definitely a walkable one but those pressed for time may find it easier to resort to public transportation when getting around. There are several all-you-can-eat courses with up to 133 dishes in the restaurant, and the most popular of all is all-you-can-eat-buffet style.
You will leave Yokohama Chinatown with your ears ringing with bells, eyes burning with lights and stomach bursting with Chinese food. After a little break and satisfying your sweet-tooth, get back on the streets to check out one of Chinatown 's most famous and picture-worthy treats: the panda steam bun.

From the people to the food, Chinatown is the perfect place to see the contrast between China and Japan. Yokohama's Chinatown is a district famous for its restaurants, people practically go to Chinatown just for that. Some shops offer 75 dishes to choose from, and the sets start from 1,690 yen.
There are more than 600 Chinese stores and restaurants in the Chinatown, buzzing with activity from morning until late in the night. Lucky for you, we've done the digging so you don't have to. Take a look at some of Yokohama's best vegetarian (and vegan) friendly restaurants.

Located amidst of the Yokohama harbor, Yamashita Park known for its greenery, perfect shopping area @china town with a tasty Indian cuisine @nakshatra what more can you ask for a perfect day outing with family and friends. Yokohama Chinatown district is Japan's largest.
You're most likely already in Tokyo to take this Yokohama day trip. I show you my Top 5 best Japanese street food in Chinatown Yokohama. At the time, it was a 53-minute ride by rail to Tokyo's Shimbashi station; today's JR train takes less than 30 minutes. As of January 1996, a registered population of twelve thousand seven hundred seventy-nine Chinese people (chuguokujin), live mostly nestled between Yokohama's famous Motomachi shopping strip, Yamashita Park, and Yokohama Stadium.
After the end of WWII, supplies from China became abundant and the area yet again flourished with many Chinese restaurants. The main attraction of the Yokohama Chinatown, however, is the cuisine offered at its many restaurants and food stands. As you walk along, take some time to explore the Chinese grocery stores selling Chinese vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices.

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