Sheyi is a soul singer-songwriter based in London. The ubiquity of mobile devices means electronic games can be played at any time and their sales eclipse both music and video sales in the UK. Given the growing popularity and motivational pull of video games, concern over their addictive potential is inevitable.Her Walk at Home program has produced… Read More

We serve McKinney, Texas and the surrounding counties with custom craftsmanship and affordable rates. Covering the Mid-South territory of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico, Joyner offers material handling products and logistics support services for scrap processors, municipalities, construction and demolition firms and other recycling compan… Read More

After a few minutes I told him I was tired and hung up. He called me back ant told me what a MF'er I was for wasting his time and he called me a few other choice words and hung up. I don't know how to stop these guys but they sure showed their unprofessional side.Average personnel costs per employee ranged from EUR 36 000 per employee for the rep… Read More

Design Equilibrium's Life Cycle issue explores the latest in Atlanta architecture, highlighting new developments, adaptive reuse, sustainability, and cultural preservation. A member of the Institute of Classical Architecture, the American Institute of Building Designers, and the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanis… Read More

Are you planning on moving? I understand why this business has stood around for 85 years, and it's mum's the word,” said Marshall Lambert, president of the Los Angeles company, remembering that some family members were apoplectic when he told them he was going to start an Instagram page.Eating to fuel exercise recovery requires getting all three … Read More